What Pokémon Do When They’re Alone in Their Poké Balls [ILLUSTRATIONS]

Bruno Claska Pokehouse series - Charmander

Bruno Claska Pokehouse series - Charmander

We know all about what Charmander and Pikachu do outside in the open, but what do they do in their off time, when they’re not being summoned to come out of their Poké Balls? Illustrator Bruno Clasca, of Aucamville, France, imagines the lives of Pokémon inside the confines of their Poké Balls, depicting their private lives in his Pokehouse series. Inspired by the world around him and by pop culture, Clasca visualizes the Pokémon grilling, sunbathing and sleeping. If the Pokémon weren’t already the cutest cartoons on the planet, I believe Clasca has just earned them that designation!

Bruno Claska Pokehouse series - Bulbasaur

Bruno Claska Pokehouse series - Squirtle

Maybe if we buy some of his printed t-shirts, Clasca will illustrate more Pokehouses!

Images via Bruno Clasca on Behance
via DesignTAXI

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