Animal Rescue Shelter Creates Adorable Personal Ads for Pit Bulls

pit bull puppy

pit bull puppy

At the SPCA of Wake County in Raleigh, North Carolina, pit bulls suffer from lower adoption rates and have to be put down more often than other breeds of dogs. This can be attributed to a negative perception of pit bulls that’s derived from their strong physiques and genetic fighting ability.

Pit bulls aren’t as harmful as they seem, though. Despite negative media attention, pit bull attacks against humans are uncommon. Of 5 million registered pit bulls in the United States only 60, or 0.0012%, are listed as the culprit in a dog attack according to the Mid-America Bully Breed Rescue.

Photographer Tara Lynn has volunteered her talents to the animal shelter to help create human-like personal ads for pit bulls who are looking to be adopted into loving homes. The results are simply too cute for words, and they do a great job making these dogs just as appealing as any beagle, golden retriever or bulldog out there.

doggie personals

What do you think about pit bulls? Are some breeds of dogs inherently better than others?

Featured image by Heather Hopkins

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