World Cup Food Mashups Represent Their Teams in Head-to-Head Cuisine Battles [PHOTOS]

This is one delicious rendition of the World Cup that everyone can enjoy. San Francisco-based interactive artist George Zisiadis composed a photo series of international food mashups to celebrate the World Cup playoff matches.

His series, which goes by the name “World Cup Cuisine,” features famous and traditional foods from the countries who have made this year’s playoffs. Germany is represented by the bratwurst, the Netherlands by stroopwafel (pictured as waffles here), Argentina by empanadas, Brazil by acarajé (sort of like a stuffed, black-eye-pea taco), Belgium by moules-frites (mussels and fries), France by the crêpe, and Costa Rica by gallo pinto (rice and beans).

With this photo series, Visiadis has given people a a light-hearted and fun way to enjoy the World Cup.
On his website, Visiadis says:

My multidisciplinary projects playfully re-imagine the everyday and inspire new ways of seeing the world.

Acarajewurst: Brazil vs. Germany, 08 July 2014

Brazil vs Germany1

Brazil vs Germany2

Waffle Empanada: Netherlands vs. Argentina, 05 July 2014

Netherlands vs Argentina1

Netherlands vs Argentina2

Mussels & Fries Empanada: Belgium vs. Argentina, 05 July 2014

Belgium vs Argentina1

Belgium vs Argentina2

Rice & Waffle & Beans: Netherlands vs. Costa Rica, 05 July 2014

Netherlands vs Costa Rica1

Netherlands vs Costa Rica2

Crepewurst: France vs. Germany, 04 July 2014

France vs Germany1

France vs Germany2

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