A Work-At-Home Ban [COMIC]

A ton of fuss has been made recently over Yahoo’s decision to ban employees from working at home. So the good folks over at The Joy of Tech put together another hysterical comic making light of the issue. It brings up a good point though, why am I all cooped up in my office at home writing this article when I could be doing the same thing at the local java shop enjoying a frosty cup of mocha frappuccino? Maybe Yahoo has it right after all..

work at home ban

So effective from this moment, all DashBurst employees are banned from working at home too on Fridays 🙂

Christine OKelly
Ha Daniel love this! Good thing I'm working from Starbucks at this Friday afternoon -- and pretty much EVERY afternoon!
Daniel Zeevi
Ha living the good life remotely :)
Michael Kornowski
LOL^^thanks for this.
Dave Gabbett
Now I'm curious... where'ya working from today Daniel? :D
Sunish Sebastian
Good alternative!
Daniel Zeevi
These guys are hilarious :)
Karen Marie Shelton
Agreed. Very funny.
Liz Pullen
Hey, Starbucks is MY office, too!
Daniel Zeevi
Nice office :)
Jillian O'grady
that's so cute :D thanks for sharing :D
Mithu Hassan
Very useful sharing!
Daniel Zeevi
Thanks Mithu :)
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