Unusual Photographs of Woodland Creatures Hanging Around in Urban Spaces

It’s very unlikely that you’ll see woodland creatures in the places they’ve been photographed here. In his latest photo series Totem, Irish photographer and artist Jason McGroarty takes woodland creatures and photoshops them into urban spaces like casinos, libraries and churches. The final products are exceptionally realistic, making you think twice about whether the photos are real or mere manipulations.

Inspired by the first time he saw a fox, McGroarty tells Bored Panda the idea behind his series:

I will always remember the moment that I came into contact with a wild fox when walking a dimly lit street on the outskirts of my hometown. Through the project Totem, I wanted to capture that heart-stopping moment when the wild breaches the barriers of the big city and reminds us that we are not as safe as we like to think, that the unexpected should be expected.






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