The Winners of Flickr’s 2014 #LargerThanLife Apple TV Giveaway

Flickr recently held a #LargerThanLife Apple TV giveaway photo contest, where photographers sent in images to the site that fit into a “larger than life” theme. The contest was created in honor of Flickr’s new Apple TV service, which allows users to look at their photos on the big screen. In addition, users can browse and explore photos from all over the world and engage with the Flickr community through the device.

The photographs in the contest were scored on creativity, originality, quality, and fit to theme and all of the winners receive a free Apple TV as a reward. Here are some of the winners and their incredible #LargerThanLife photographs!

Featured Image by Ryan Vaarsi / CC BY 2.0

Tsetse fly on the windshield by Brandon Rosenblum

What happened downtown / Los Angeles by Ryan Vaarsi

The Dune by Baron Reznik

p e r s i s t | Lofoten, Norway by Lorenzo Montezemolo

Fistbumposaurus by Lee Saborio

281/365: The Great Escape by Alex Currie

Skydiving in Dubai – Over The World by EFatima

Cadet Chapel by Raji Vathyam

Praying Mantis by Fernando de la Espriella

Large Nebraska HP Supercell (Pano) by Dale Kaminski

Skyview Panoramic ~ Lower Antelope Canyon, AZ by Aaron Fuhrman

Day 1 – 02 of 35 by Orbmiser

Frankie Welcomes Andrew by Frank Guido

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