9 Whimsical Street Murals that Will Bring Out Your Childhood Imagination

The street murals of Australia-based artist Fintan Magee are more than striking. Not only do they catch the eye with their larger-than-life size, but they also hold your attention well past the time you bring yourself to walk away. Magee’s murals make you think back to your childhood and re-see the world through un-jaded eyes.

We recently covered a timelapse video made by Magee and other artists as they transformed a Brisbane warehouse with graffiti before it was demolished.

Below are some of my favorite recent works by Magee:

Sydney, Australia

Support by Fintan Magee

Toowoomba, Australia

Toowoomba Australia mural by Fintan Magee

Vienna, Austria

Vienna mural by Fintan Magee

Sydney, Australia

Sydney mural by Fintan Magee

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Red Stick by Fintan Magee and Globepainter

Miami, With Hoxxoh

Miami mural by Fintan Magee

Brisbane, Australia

High Tide by Fintan Magee

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires mural by Fintan Magee

You can check out more of Magee’s work on Facebook.

What emotions do Magee’s murals bring out in you?

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