What Your Pets Were Really Doing On St. Patrick’s Day While You Were Out Partying

sober catIt turns out people aren’t the only ones who like to celebrate St. Patricks’s Day. Your lovable and adorable pets are actually just waiting for the second you leave the house so they can invite all of their friends over and then raid the family liquor cabinet and catnip supply.

So don’t be surprised when you come home to this tonight….

Hey it’s St. Patrick’s day, even the animals need a drink…

st. patrick's cat

good mouser

But you had no idea what they really had planned…

party cat

glass cat

singing cats

drunk cat

it's cool

Or that they’d be sending out drunk tweets on behalf of your Twitter account…

drunk tweets

By the time you get back tonight….

drunken cat

drunk dog

dog party

cat nap

nap here

couch cat

Or the next morning….

wine cat

cat hammock

upside down cat

Be ready to provide plenty of rehydration 🙂

hangover cat
pics via imgur

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