What Would It Be Like to Be Inside a Snowflake?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like inside a snowflake? You may soon get your wish as a new five-star hotel in the shape of a snowflake plans to set sail and stay afloat off the coast of Norway near the often-photographed city of Tromso. The design by Waterstudio is the vision of Dutch architect Koen Olthuis in collaboration with the water-development company Dutch Docklands. The Krystall hotel looks like a six-pointed ice crystal floating around the Arctic Circle, yet visitors should be able to stay warm inside the self-sustaining hotel regardless of the harsh surrounding environment.

Olthuis boasted to CNN.

In the hotel, you’ll float through hallways lined with cool, futuristic blue shapes, recline by a fireplace faced in transparent bricks resembling ice blocks and sleep in rooms tricked out in minimalist, winter-themed designs.

And if that isn’t enough to make you feel like Superman in an ice cavern, the building’s minimal carbon footprint and ability to fight the rising waters experienced during climate changes should do the trick. The insular hotel plans to begin construction in 2015 and offer stunning views of the Northern Lights above through glass ceilings.

inside a snowflake

Krystall hotel

via The Creators Project

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