30 Ways To See The World That You Never Thought Were Possible

I can show you the worldSince the beginning of time, we have felt a great desire to explore our world and daringly travel to unseen before destinations. And along traveling these great adventures, there are thousands of amazing animals and species that have been encountered who also share this beautiful planet with us. And animals happen to be quite the travelers themselves, where studies have documented how birds like the Arctic Tern travel 45,000 miles round trip each year from their breeding grounds in Canada to the Antarctic continent. Or perhaps you’ve seen the beautifully filmed chronicle about the March of the Penguins?

But one thing is for sure, few have ever witnessed the unconventional travel methods of the following 30 creatures…

1. Terrier rides horse in water

terrier rides horse in water

2. Crocodile on Hippo

Crocidile on Hippo

3. Dog on man’s head

Dog on man's head

4. Cats Re-enact Titanic’s Epic Journey

Titanic cats

5. Bird on Pitbull

bird and pit

6. Monkey rides human underwater

monkey riding human underwater

7. Goat rides man

Man with goat

8. Onward young stallion!

Onward young stallion!

9. Biker with ducks

Biker with ducks

10. Bunny on dogs head

bunny on dogs head

11. Dog riding turtle

dog riding turtle

12. Butterfly on alligator

butterfly on alligator

13. Turtles riding crocodiles

Turtles riding crocidiles

14. Frog riding a fish

frog riding a fish

15. Koala bear rides dog

Koala bear rides dog

16. Monkey hug rides puffy dog

Monkey hug rides puffy dog

17. White tiger on monkey

White tiger on monkey

18. Turtle on turtle

turtle on turtle

19. Mother swan and children

mother goose and children

20. Tiny dog on horse

tiny dog on horse

21. Happy dog on horse

happy dog on horse

22. Duck family

duck family

23. Polar bear ride

polar bear ride

24. Lion head

lion head

25. Cat Rides Horse

Cat Rides Horse

26. Bird rides duck

Bird rides duck

27. Cat rides fish

cat rides fish

28. Chicklet rides kitten

Chicklet rides kitten

29. Bunny rides swan

bunny rides goose

30. Monkey in costume riding dog

Monkey in costume riding dog
I can show you the world
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Nice mix thanks Daniel Zeevi.
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cool stuff Daniel - sharing.
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