Vintage World Cup Posters to Celebrate Games from the Past

Soccer may have been invented by the Brits, yet England has only won the World Cup once when they went undefeated back in 1966, the only time the tournament was held on their home turf. To celebrate some of the best World Cup teams and events from year’s past, graphic designer Neil Stevens put together a set of vintage-style prints featuring some quirky and colorful national themes from each of the games including when Brazil first hosted the cup in 1950 through the games this year in 2014.

Stevens is a London-based creative illustrator who enjoys designing across a wide spectrum of topics including sports, music, technology, finance and the environment.

Check out some of Stevens’ prints and the greatest World Cup games ever below, including the championship and host Argentina team of 1978:

brasil 14 matchbox

brazil match box

chile matchbox

espana match box

vintage brazil 2014 world cup poster

vintage argentina world cup poster

vintage chile world cup poster

vintage spain world cup poster

vintage england world cup poster
Whose your favorite World Cup team of all-time?

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