Vibrant Pattern Illustrations for the 2014 US Open Tennis Championship

IBM is an official partner of the 2014 US Open tennis championship and this year, they decided to get creative with the games. IBM teamed up with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem and enlisted Murphy to create 250 original tracks based on data gathered from each match in the tournament. Artists were also recruited by Ogilvy New York to create original pattern illustrations for track artwork. Illustrator, digital artist and pattern designer Karan Singh was one of those artists asked to create artwork. In total, 64 of his illustrations were used in the tournament and here are some of those designs:

us open 2

us open 3

us open 4

us open 5

us open 6

us open 7

us open 8

us open 9

us open 10

us open 11

us open 12

us open 13

us open 14

us open 15

us open 16

us open 17

us open 18

us open 19

us open 20

us open 21

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