Uninspiring Posters for the Cynic in All of Us

Most of the time, we want to read inspirational posters to motivate us. However, London-based illustrator Linzie Hunter created an ongoing series of uninspiring typographic posters for the cynic in all of us. From giving yourself an “A” for average or deciding “this is it, probably”, these posters are sure to demotivate you and leave you quite uninspired.

Originally from Scotland, Hunter now lives in South London. She graduated from Glasgow University and then studied illustration at Chelsea College of Art and Design. Now she does freelance digital illustration and lettering work, as well as traditional print-making.

uninspiring posters1

uninspiring posters2

uninspiring posters3

uninspiring posters4

uninspiring posters5

uninspiring posters6

uninspiring posters7

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