In Honor of Shark Week: Underwater Shark Photography on Instagram [PHOTOS]

Most people only know one side of the shark world, that is their vicious nature and tendency to attack the innocent. But according to photographer Michael Muller, sharks themselves are actually in trouble. As many as 100 million are slaughtered each year, killed for their fins alone. Because of this, Muller wants to change the way the world views sharks and he’s using Instagram to do it.

While the Hollywood commercial photographer is known for his celebrity portraits and box office billboard images, Muller uses his free time to photograph sharks in their natural habitats. Muller is so devoted to documenting sharks around the world that he even developed an underwater strobe lighting system, like that found in his regular studio in California.

On Instagram, Muller explains his shooting techniques:

It’s all about waiting for that right ‘moment’ to hit the trigger, which comes from 28 years experience. If you get too excited and go too fast then you miss that moment. If you wait too long you watch it happen and have the shot in your head, but no one else ever gets to witness it, so timing is everything.

Depending on the length of the photo shoot, Muller will take 3,000-10,000 photos of sharks, using an assortment of cameras like Nikons and GoPros. He will post on Instagram between four and eight images from each trip, using both the new Instagram creative tools along with his own custom filter app MullerPhoto.

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