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Drawing Lifelike Images With a Typewriter: The Work of Keira Rathbone

Keira Rathbone is a British artist with a unique medium for drawing: her typewriter. With her trusted typing machines, Rathbone will sit in front of a landscape and recreate it using the letters and numbers available at her fingertips. She also has a knack for drawing portraits of people who inspire her, like the French singer Serge Gainsbourg and the Jamaican singer Grace Jones.

We’ve all been forwarded chain emails full of keyboard art: hearts, Winnie the Pooh, you name it. But those drawings are nothing compared to the complex work of Rathbone! Check out some of her work below, and visit her site for prints.


Royal Pavilion, from the Grass Near the Arabic Fair


Grace Triptych, Creativity


Hammersmith Bridge


Miss Moss


Why I Love Bournemouth Pier in Under 100 Words

Images by Keira Rathbone
via It’s Nice That