The Truth About Your Favorite Companies Like Comcast, Tinder and Kickstarter

In a hilarious ongoing series of parody art called Honest Slogans, graphic designer Clif Dickens continues to shine a light on the very essence of major brands. Take for example the latest customer service snafu with Comcast, where one of their customer service reps harassed a user trying to cancel their service. Or how a guy who just wanted to make a few bowls of potato salad got over $50,000 in funding on Kickstarter. Gizmodo has compared Dickens’ honest and noble work to that of “a deranged Don Draper… It’s pure genius.”

When it comes to your favorite brands, can you handle the truth?

comcast honest slogan

tinder honest slogan

sour patch kids honest slogan

dirt devil honest slogan

febreze honest slogan

tyson honest slogan

jansport honest slogan

bic honest slogan

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