Artist Brings Trash to Life by Creating Animals Out of the Objects He Finds [PHOTOS]

We previously featured Bordalo II‘s creative and risky street paintings of railroad tracks. Now, Bordalo has taken to another form of street art: creating life – and art – out of garbage. The Portuguese artist roams Lisbon collecting litter and debris to build trash insects and animals, which he then brings to life with spray paint. His works take throwaway objects and plain-old trash and transform them into something new. It’s more than just whimsical: Bordalo has mastered the art of resurrection.

Here are a few of his pieces from his Facebook page, and click here to see more!
bordalo trash art 1

bordalo trash art 2

bordalo trash art 3

bordalo trash art 4

bordalo trash art 5

bordalo trash art 6

bordalo trash art 7

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