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Art You Can Get Into: Henrique Oliveira’s ‘Transarquitetônica’ Invites Spectators to Explore a Giant Wooden Maze

Have you ever loved a piece of art so much you wished you could drop everything and climb inside it? With Brazilian’s artist Henrique Oliveira‘s latest piece, you can.

At 70 m (229.66 ft), Transarquitetônica is Oliveira’s largest artwork to date. The interactive maze invites museum goers to climb inside and explore Oliveira’s new world, which uses varying design elements to take visitors from areas that reference modern architecture to areas that represent the first places in which man lived.

Transarquitetônica is made of tapmumes, a plywood material used for cheap housing in Brazil. It will be on exhibit in MAC, the contemporary art museum of the University of São Paulo, until November 30.

Photos by MAC