5 Breathtaking ‘Time Slice’ Photographs of Sunsets over Urban Landscapes [TIMELAPSE]

los angeles timelapse

The most beautiful part of a sunset isn’t any one particular moment; rather, it’s watching the colors slowly transition into a beautiful series of gradients. To capture this breathtaking aspect of sunsets over urban landscapes, Los Angeles-based motion designer and photographer Dan Marker-Moore created the Time Slice series that combines photographs from his sunset timelapses into single images.

In each of Marker-Moore’s time slice images, every diagonal or vertical line represents a different photograph from Marker-Moore’s timelapse shots taken over minutes. The series is an attempt to share his timelapses in a single photograph, Marker-Moore told My Modern Met.

Enjoy some of our favorite time slices below:

timelapse photo los angeles sunset

sunrise timelapse

manhattan skyline timelapse

los angeles twilight timelapse

Runyon Canyon summit timelapse

For more of Marker-Moore’s Time Slice series, click here.

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