Technology in 1993 vs. 2013

Tech in 1993 vs. 2013

Quite a difference from then to now.

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Robert Rob Burns
Great post and thanks for sharing Daniel... great to see the Newton (on the far left! I still have mine!
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Christian Shultz
Do the math: Weight of all 1993 items, weight of the one 2013 item. Divide, and tell us how much we've reduced the weight of our technologies while fitting more functions in one device!
Scott Michael Harris
to be fair... phones aren't quite spitting out Polaroid's yet...
Chad Siuh
bluetooth or wifi to printer genious. XD
Chad Siuh
will print out hq pics for u remotly
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Bettie Turner
oh my god, is that a palm pilot way over on the lefthand side?
Mary Cote-Walkden
Palm Pilots were released in 1997 (you piqued my curiosity so I checked) so I have no idea what that would be
Scott Michael Harris
it's an apple newton
Ben Bradley
I almost got involved with programming the Newton. I turned it down, and lucked out in a bunch of ways. Also, I just shared that pic on Twitter. Before I saw it here.
Bettie Turner
thanks guys.... wow. That is old school.
Chaz DeSimone
Still my favorite watch.
Lisa Heidt Peck
this is a great picture, where did you find all of those items? in your closet? are the photos licensed under creative commons by any chance?
Annamarie T.
This its great!
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