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30 Photographs of Iconic Music Album Covers Superimposed onto Images of Their Original Locations Today

Ever wonder what the scenes captured in classic album covers would look like today? New York City real estate agent Bob Egan, a music lover, decided to go back to where album art originated. Using music and history, Egan combines the old and the new in his series of album covers superimposed onto modern images of their original photo shoot locations.

Egan got his start when, in 1977, he moved into an apartment in Greenwich Village only blocks away from the place where the cover for The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan was photographed. Egan realized he was surrounded by these sites with tremendous history and meaning. Thus began his search for album cover locations.

In an interview with Open Culture, Egan summed up his passion for music this way:

I grew up during the classic rock era. My ‘musical comfort food’ is Dylan, Van Morrison, Lou Reed, and The Grateful Dead…I think of it like this: If I went to England and someone asked me if I wanted to see Westminster Abbey or Abbey Road, I’d take Abbey Road.

Although Egan has a number of album covers he has yet to tackle, he has been rather successful, in no small part because many of the original spots are in New York City. But distance doesn’t stop Egan, who uses Google Maps for album locations he hasn’t traveled to. Seems nothing can get in between Egan and the origins of album covers.