Beer for the Heroes in All of Us: Beer Labels Based on DC Comics Superheroes

Batman-inspired dark ale beer. Superman strong pale lager. St. Patrick’s Day Green Lantern pale ale. Wonder Woman Premium American Lager. The Flash-inspired Irish Red Ale. Aquaman Belgium Blond Ale. And the animated Wonder Twins Lambic Framboise. Can you think of any better beers names?

We all have a favorite beer, but why not make that beer super? Florida-based graphic designer and illustrator Marcelo Rizzetto decided to mashup our favorite superheroes with one of our favorite alcoholic beverages to create a series of “Super Hero Beers.”

Based on the DC Comics superhero team The Justice League, the beer comes from the clever and fittingly named “Justice League Brewery.”
superhero beer batman

superhero beer superman

superhero beer green lanter

superhero beer wonder woman

superhero beer flash

superhero beer aquaman

superhero beer wonder twins

superhero beer1

superhero beer2

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