Breathtaking Photographs of Stars as They Take Over the Night Sky

Ever wanted to escape the busy city life and relax under the stars? Landscape photographer and photography workshop instructor Dave Morrow gives you that opportunity with his spectacular photos featuring the night sky, the stars and the surrounding scenery.

Morrow photographs the stars as they overtake the night sky, but manages to capture the magnificence of their vastness. Rather than making onlookers feel overwhelmed by a blanket of stars, Morrow uses his photographs to give us a sense that though small, we are still part of our expansive and beautiful universe. Earth’s scenery and landscapes add to the photos, showing how our world contributes to the beauty of the universe and compliments the backdrop of the stars in space.

With his passion for traveling and sharing his experiences through photography, Morrow has taken many beautiful images of the world around us. Check out the rest of his photography on his website.

Alvord Nights - Alvord Desert, Oregon

Boats in the Mist - Xingping China

Come Join Us

Night Tremors - Free Star Photography Tutorial Included

Painted in the Sky - Lost Lake, Oregon

Shoot Me to the Stars

Spires- Mount Rainier, Washington

The Wild Coast - Olympic Penninsula, Washington

What Dreams Become - Crater Lake, Oregon

When Worlds Collide

Crop & Save