Here’s the Gayest Soviet Propaganda You’ll Ever See

Russian girl holding a pride banner

LGBT rights in Russia have been limited or nonexistent for centuries. It wasn’t until after the collapse of the Soviet Union that homosexuality was legalized, though Russia still restricts certain activities related to homosexuality, including recent bans on gay propaganda.

Thankfully the Sochi Olympics have brought Russia’s discrimination against the LGBT community to a global light, and people around the world are fighting to change anti-gay policies in Russia. The Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion, for example, released a public service video showing that the Olympics “have always been a little gay,” and a series of Google+ Hangouts On Air hosted by the It Gets Better Project and Uprising of Love allowed people to come together and discuss the current state of LGBT rights in Russia and in athletics.

Now a Tumblr called Pride Propaganda is taking an unapologetic
stand against the ban of gay propaganda in Russia. Converting old Soviet propaganda into gay pride posters, the blog draws connections between former Soviet pride and modern gay pride. Despite their pre-Twitter era look, all of the posters sport the hashtag #pridepropaganda.

Check out some of the blog’s work below alongside the corresponding original posters.

Take pride in your studies!

The sun shines bright upon the proud!

Brother, be proud!

Unite under the flag for the pride of the motherland


Find more Soviet pride propaganda on Tumblr.

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