Solitary Superheroes Exploring the Great Outdoors on Their Day Off

When superheroes aren’t busy saving the world or starring in the latest blockbuster films on the silver screen, it turns out they enjoy some quiet time just like everybody else. In The Quest for the Absolute by French photographer Benoit Lapray, you can see a playful collection offering insights into the psyche of your favorite superheroes like Batman, Spiderman, Captain America, Superman, Wonder Woman and more.

Using photo manipulation, Lapray is able to juxtapose each of these superheroes across some very picturesque landscapes, like Superman flying over a crystal clear lake or Batman in deep reflection near the entrance of a cave. Or you can see the Flash practicing his moves in a grass field or Wonder Woman cooling off in a waterfall.

When asked about the motivation behind the exhibit, Lapray said:

Perhaps they are quite simply on a quest to find themselves?

Benoit Lapray 1

Benoit Lapray 2

Benoit Lapray 3

Benoit Lapray 4

Benoit Lapray 5

Benoit Lapray 6

Benoit Lapray 7

Benoit Lapray 8

Benoit Lapray 9

Benoit Lapray 10

Benoit Lapray 11

Benoit Lapray 13

Benoit Lapray 12

Where would you go for some quiet time if you were a superhero?

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