Take a Look Inside the Sketchbook of Children’s Book Illustrator Graeme Base, As Seen on Instagram [PHOTOS]

Graeme Base is an author and artist of children’s picture books with a global audience. While best known for his second and third books Animalia (1986) and The Eleventh Hour (1989), Base also has numerous unpublished works of art and uses his Instagram account to share a very personal part of his life, his sketchbook.

When talking about his work and his trove of sketches, Base told Instagram:

I’ve been writing and illustrating picture books for something like 30 years, but for every finished piece there are dozens of sketches that have never seen the light of day… The recurring themes in my art are nature and fantasy with whimsical overtones… I’m slightly shocked to find myself well into my fifties now, but inside the 11-year-old schoolboy is alive and kicking.

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