Seinfeld Emojis are Quite Possibly Some of the Best Emoticons Yet [DESIGN]

Do you love the show Seinfeld? If your answer is yes, you can now salute perhaps the ultimate tribute to the show and its characters through Seinfeld emojis. Popular Twitter account Seinfeld2000 teamed up with graphic designer Kevin McCauley to bring you 21 new and fabulous emojis inspired by the hit TV sitcom.

There are emojis for all the main characters including Jerry, George, Elaine, Kramer, Newman, Banya, George’s mom and dad Frank and Estelle Costanza, and Jerry’s uncle Leo. In addition, McCauley created emojis for some of the show’s more famous jokes, like the “puffy shirt” and the Junior Mints. There are a few modern additions as well, like Jerry wearing Google Glass, Barack Obama, and the Seinfeld logo with “2014” written inside.

Take a look and enjoy the new and wildly entertaining Seinfeld emojis:
seinfeld emoji 1

seinfeld emoji 2

seinfeld emoji 3

seinfeld emoji 4

seinfeld emoji 5

seinfeld emoji 6

seinfeld emoji 7

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