Amazing Sandcastles and Sculptures on Instagram [PHOTOS]

As summer draws to a close, there is no better way to reminisce than with pictures of impressive sand castles and sand sculptures. Lucinda Wierenga has spent 30 years making sand sculptures for a living, and she showcases her amazing creations on Instagram.

Wierenga told Instagram:

Sand artistry takes a long-handled shovel, a soft touch and skin that can stand up to the sun…A sand sculpture’s temporary nature is a large part of its charm, and only world-class jerks kick down other people’s sandcastles.

Wierenga takes part in master-level sand sculpting competitions, harnessing her vast talent and experience. She travels to beaches across the US and the world for events where the building spans several days. Below are some of her masterpiece sculptures, and the rest can be seen on her Instagram:

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