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San Francisco Impressions: Digitally Layered Photographs by Christopher Dydyk

San Francisco is a beautiful city full of picturesque landmarks and a colorful, historical culture seen on every corner. Photographer Christopher Dydyk has figured out a way to capture this intrinsic nature in one flat photograph still. Christopher’s remarkable San Francisco Impressions collection shows multiple pictures of one location digitally layered over time. The results make for a colorfully rich timelapse backdrop with ghost-like figures of people zooming through each scene.

Dydyk said about his creative art work:

To begin the process I repeatedly photograph a subject, such as a tree, as I walk a circle around it. Once I have all of the images, I digitally layer them, subtracting some elements and highlighting others.

Check out some of the best impressions of San Francisco below, including the famous Golden Gate Bridge, AT&T Park and network of trolleys.

Coit Tower

Marriage Equality Day

AT&T Park

Powel Street

Columbus Building

Golden Gate View 1

Baker Beach 1

Lotta’s Fountain

Music Concourse -July 4th

North Beach Cafe

Pier 7

Castro Trolly

SF Belle

“Photography is what I am; it is not something I do” says Christopher Dydyk.