‘Robin Williams: A Spark of Madness’, A Web Comic Depicting Williams’ Life as a Video Game

The tragic and unexpected death of great actor and comedian Robin Williams on August 11 still continues to impact people everywhere. And even though the sad event occurred over two weeks ago, more and more tributes are making their way around the internet. Cartoonist Gavin Aung Than from Melbourne, Australia decided to commemorate the late actor and comedian through a web comic, drawn in the style of a video game.

When discussing the web comic his website, Zen Pencils, Than wrote:

I didn’t really appreciate what a huge impact Robin Williams had on my youth until he was gone. Growing up in the early 90s meant I was caught in the middle of Williams’ family-friendly hit streak. Hook, Jumanji, Aladdin and Mrs. Doubtfire were huge movies for me. I watched them all many times over, especially Aladdin. Like thousands of other fans, it’s been a joy to relive the memories of my youth by watching all of my favourite Williams movies over the past two weeks. There are so many great obituaries and tributes online at the moment…I had no idea how to approach doing a comic about Williams until I read that he was a huge video game fan.


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