Brightly Colored Street Art Painted on Train Tracks throughout Portugal

Is there anything riskier than taking the time to create a painting on train tracks? Portuguese artist Artur Bordalo lives life on the edge, painting bright neon street art on Portugal’s railroad tracks.

At first glance, the artwork is just clever and charming, but a closer look reveals a deeper meaning in the pieces. Bordalo uses his street art to make clear and simple statements about society and the way we live our lives. These messages, with their cynical undertones, become more blatant with each piece’s title.

Artur Bordalo, born in Lisbon in 1987, calls himself Bordalo II as a tribute to his grandfather, who he calls “Real Bordalo.” Bordalo II grew up watching his grandfather paint the city of Lisbon, which sparked his own passion for art and design.

The Game of Life

Artur Bordalo 1

Less Dependence

Artur Bordalo 2

Heart Attack

Artur Bordalo 3


Artur Bordalo 6

Givin a Hand

Artur Bordalo 4

Music On Line

Artur Bordalo 5

Broken Line

Artur Bordalo 8

Driving the Creativity Into a Black Hole

Artur Bordalo 7

Crop & Save