7 Scenic Pixel GIFs That Bring Back Classic Video Games

Noirlac video game gif skyscraper lights

Today we have Ultra HD TVs and lifelike video games such as Grand Theft Auto V to immerse us in new worlds of entertainment, but we didn’t always have such advanced technology to help us escape. Many of us remember when our 16-bit Nintendo games were enough to keep us busy for hours. Noirla, an anonymous, Paris-based developer for Ubisoft, brings these classic video games back in his Tumblr.

Noirlac takes screenshots from video games and uses them to create dreamy, animated pixel GIFs. Noirlac likes to highlight one detail in the images by adding animations that didn’t originally exist. “I like to add some little glitches on my GIF to emulate life moments,” he told Wired. In some GIFs the animation is startling, while in others it’s more subtle.

Scroll through to see if you can find the subtle animation in these twinkling skylines, sunlit forests, and more.

Noirlac video game gif twinkling skyscrapers in the distance

Noirlac video game gif blue pond and green trees

Noirlac video game gif orange sky

Noirlac video game gif sunlit forest

Noirlac video game gif city skyline

Noirlac video game gif city alley

Do Noirlac’s GIFs make you reminisce? Share with us in the comments section!

via Laughing Squid

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