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These Incredible, Photorealistic Drawings Will Make You Wonder How a Human Hand Could Create Images So Lifelike

Despite our modern technologically savvy ways, sometimes the best art is made through the simplest mediums. Take artist Hikaru Cho, for example, who paints imaginative scenes directly onto human bodies. Refusing to use Photoshop, Cho challenges herself to create realistic scenes with her bare hands. Hers is a work-intensive process that produces a realistic interplay between the real and the illustrated, and onlookers are immediately impressed by her work. If Cho merely printed computer-generated doodles onto paper and taped them to her subjects’ bodies, her work would not look as believable and would not leave so large an impression in her followers’ memories.

Karla Mialynne is another meticulous artist who enjoys using old school mediums. Most often using only pencils, pens, watercolors and inks Mialynne creates photorealistic illustrations of random objects, animals and even people. It would be hard not to mistake Mialynne’s illustrations for photographs if she didn’t document each drawing beside the tools she used to create it.

This celebration of simplicity and love for painstaking work have earned Mialynne a place in our list of favorite artists. You can find some of Mialynne’s illustrations below, and visit her Tumblr for a behind-the-scenes look at her creative process.

Images via Karla Mialynne on Instagram
via DesignTAXI