15 Photographers Who Got Trolled by the Animals They Were Photographing

Every photographer dreams of capturing that perfect shot! But sometimes those moments appear, when least expected. From animals stalking their would be cameramen, to trying to become professional photo snappers themselves, here are 15 photographers who ended up being trolled by their target animals:

1 Hi! You’ve been looking for me?

Hi! You've been looking for me?via reddit

2 They are trying to learn how to do it themselves now…

They are trying to learn how to do it themselves now...via imgur

3 Say Cheese

say cheesevia sodahead

4 Okay, this time make a funny face

Okay, this time make a funny facevia reddit

5 Mr. Nikon

Mr. Nikonvia sodahead

6 Dogs and cats photo shoot

Dogs and cats photo shoot via thedistractionnetwork

7 Animal Party

animal partyvia donanimhaber

8 Baby Tiger Advice

baby tiger advicevia photographsforthesoul

9 What type of lens should I use?

camera curiosityvia facebook

10 Within the Focus Point

Within the Focus Point via Zoltan Gyori

11 Animal Photographer

animal photographervia theberry

12 Birds Eye View

birds eye viewvia Mysterious Things in The World

13 Chickaboo the curious baby gorilla

Chickaboo is a curious baby gorilla via Lucy Ray

14 Who you looking at?

who you looking at?via 1,000,000 Pictures

15 See You Later

see you latervia izsmile

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