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The Dog You’ve Always Wanted: An Interactive Pet Chihuahua For Your iPad

Did you ever want a pet dog but didn’t have the time or place for it? London-based creative studio tokyoplastic decided to develop an app that allows you to have your own pet, one that fits into your life perfectly, right on your iPad.

Specializing in animation and character design, tokyoplastic created the Little Fella app, which features an unusual and exciting interactive chihuahua. You can touch, tickle, pat, and poke the pup to make it do different things. What’s unique about this chihuahua are the various settings you can choose to change your pet into a fire-breathing dog, an electrically charged dog and more.

On its website, tokyoplastic explains the Little Fella:

Our crazed Chihuahua will respond to your touch. Poke and tickle your way through super cool animations, special moves and a toe tappingly fun mini music memory game. Totally amaze your friends with his insanely cute antics and the ridiculousness off his flaming burps.

You can see the trailer for the iPad app on the video’s Vimeo.