24 People That Got Hustled by Animals

Over the years some people have went to great lengths to swindle, con or outright steal from their fellow man. But it turns out humans aren’t the only thieves you need to worry about in this world!

It’s a real family operation…

family operationvia humorfanatic

What kind of sandwich did you get me deer?

What kind of sandwich did you get me deer?via imgur

Got anything to drink?

Got anything to drink?via geyserofawesome

Nice read

stealing food from tablevia humansandanimals

What’s in the fridge?

What's in the fridge?via geographiccollections

On the rocks

on the rocksvia catercow

One of my favorite batches.. wait

good batchvia catercow

I canhaz sprinkles?

I canhaz sprinkles?via catercow

Playing possum

playing possumvia catercow

My favorite flavor

favorite flavorvia catercow

Mind if I grab a pretzel?

mind if I grab a pretzel?via kulfoto

Vanilla is my favorite too

vanilla swoops

bird stealing ice cream

my conevia urlesque

My sprite

my spritevia funportion

Bearly Living

bearly living

taking a breakvia imgur

Camping Fun

camping funvia izsmile

Thanks for giving!

thanksgivingvia DesktopNexus

Breaking bread

breaking badvia regretfulmorning

Sam the Seagull grabs Doritos!


Monkey steals Oreos and Funyuns!


Dog nabs kids’ sleds


Thanks for the ride bro

nice car brovia maconnews

See you later!

see you latervia imgur

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