Weather-Powered Lamps Show You a ‘Patch of Sky’ Based on Real-Time Conditions Outside

Have you ever wondered what the weather was like outside, but were too lazy to go see for yourself or even to figure it out online? Now you can bring a little piece of the sky into your living room without any danger of natural hazard… or getting up. The ‘Patch of Sky,’ developed by Fabrica, is a set of three interconnected ambient lights that show you the current weather status above in real-time, based on your Facebook location. You can hang these lamps up on the wall or set them on a table. The prototype units were developed in collaboration with Arduino and BERGCloud, a hardware and software application to communicate with the Internet of Things (or real-time web). Based on your given location and 11 classified common weather conditions, these lamps will display a corresponding sky-colored light.

Patch of Sky




via Creative Applications

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