Nokia Tweets Intimidating KitKat Picture, Gets Snarky With Google and Samsung

Nokia KitKat parody on Twitter: Have a break, have a broken Samsung Nexus phone

Just one day after Microsoft announced it will be purchasing Nokia’s devices and services unit, it seems Microsoft’s animosity toward its Mountain View-based competitor, Google, has already rubbed off on the phone manufacturer. Today Nokia Germany tweeted a threatening picture toward the latest Android operating system, KitKat, and its main manufacturing partner. “Have a break, have a …” the picture reads, followed by a rather frightening image of a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone cracked down its middle. If the picture didn’t mimic Kit Kat’s iconic ad, I’d be so scared I’d be burying my Samsung devices as I wrote this and preparing for World Tech War I.

Alas, the Kit Kat-inspired “break” from tech squabbles we blogged about earlier could only last so long.

What do you think of Nokia’s cracked smartphone Twitpic? Clever? Corny? Amusing? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

via The Verge

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