The People You Meet at McDonald’s

As much as we (well, most of us) love to hate McDonald’s food, we know that McDonald’s restaurants can be a token of home no matter where we are in the world. Plus, the free Internet and electric outlets help. The 14,000 McDonald’s locations across the country are where we go, rich or poor, for a cheap meal on the run, a late-night snack, or when we’re simply craving a familiar taste.

Portrait photographer Nolan Conway captured the diversity of McDonald’s patrons by photographing about 180 of them in almost 150 McDonald’s restaurants in 22 states. Despite differences in background and economic status, each of Conway’s subjects is doing the same thing: eating McDonald’s food. Here are some of my favorite pieces of Conway’s photoessay:

Grandmother and grandson in Mcdonalds

girlfriends eating in McDonalds

Two Friends in Mcdonalds

Man with cowboy hat using his laptop in McDonalds

Woman working and eating desert in McDonalds

grandfather and grandson in McDonalds

Couple driving away from McDonalds with dog on top of car

Girl wrapped in blanket in Mcdonalds

Two friends using computer in Mcdonalds

Family eating in Mcdonalds

A couple with their baby in McDonalds

Group of boys in Mcdonalds

View the rest of Nolan Conway’s photoessay at the New York Times Magazine.

Joan Stewart
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