This Guy Uses Makeup to Transform Himself into Famous Female Celebrities Like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift

These pictures are so on the mark, you won’t believe that they are actually a man in makeup. Filipino actor and TV host Paolo Ballesteros is a master of makeup, using it to convincingly transform himself into some of the most famous female celebrities.

Ballesteros does not only turn himself into today’s popular female actresses, but he also transforms himself into icons like Madonna and Audrey Hepburn and Hollywood A-list stars like Kim Kardashian. What’s truly incredible about these metamorphoses is that Ballesteros does not use prosthetics or add-ons for his face, but makeup alone to either accentuate or hide parts of his face. Of course, the wigs and accessories help to complete the celebrity look.

Kim Kardashian

paolo-makeup-kim kardashian

Katy Perry

paolo-makeup-katy perry

Jennifer Lawrence

paolo-makeup-jennifer lawrence



Ariana Grande

paolo-makeup-ariana grande



Daenerys Targaryen

paolo-makeup-daenerys targaryen

Megan Fox

paolo-makeup-megan fox

Audrey Hepburn

paolo-makeup-audrey hepburn

Julia Roberts

paolo-makeup-julia roberts

Nicole Kidman

paolo-makeup-nicole kidman

Cameron Diaz

paolo-makeup-cameron diaz

Jessie J

paolo-makeup-jessie j

Meryl Streep

paolo-makeup-meryl streep

Drew Barrymore

paolo-makeup-drew barrymore

Tyra Banks

paolo-makeup-tyra banks

Kristen Stewart

paolo-makeup-kristen stewart



Mariah Carey

paolo-makeup-mariah carey

Britney Spears

paolo-makeup-britney spears

Taylor Swift

paolo-makeup-taylor swift

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