Made Out of Money: See How This Artist Turns ’50 Cent’ Into a Dollar

What if ‘50 Cent‘ was actually worth a dollar? In an interesting new series of currency-based art works, Evan Wondolowski looks to add even more value to the portraits of famous folks like Barack Obama, Ron Paul, Dennis Rodman and rapper 50 cent using thin strips of dollars or coin constructions instead.

Wondolowski spoke about the costly transformation:

It’s the foundation of our society and affects everything within it. Although people have become divided by politics, religions, and languages, we are all united by our collective dependence on money.

Enjoy more of Wondolowski’s currency-based art works below and a timelapse video of his process also worth checking out.

Made of Money – 50 Cent

made-of-money-currency-portraits 1

made-of-money-currency-portraits 3

made-of-money-currency-portraits 4

made-of-money-currency-portraits 5

made-of-money-currency-portraits 7

made-of-money-currency-portraits 6

via Designboom

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