The Secret Life of Bees: Macro Photography Shows Off Beautiful and Strange World of Bees [PHOTOS]

Get up close and personal with these bees, without having them sting you. These photos are part of a study at the USGS Bee Inventory And Monitoring Lab, which examines bees, wasps and more.

With these macro photography images, you can see bees like never before. Who knew that there were so many species of various shapes, sizes and even magnificent colors. And while some of the bees are actually rather cute, others are still just as frightening as the wasps you see in real life.

Orchid Bee exaerete frontalis

exaerete frontalis, back, guyana

exearete frontalis, face, guyana

exearete frontalis, side, guyana


amegilla, m, face, india

amegilla, m, abdomen close, india

amegilla, m, side, india

Euglossa Orchid Bee

orchid bee blue green butt, male, guyana

orchid bee green butt, m, back

orchid bee green butt, side, guyana


Arhysosage speces aff flava, face

Arhysosage sepcies aff flava, side

Megachile mendica

Megachile mendica, m, face


Nomia species, m, face, thailand

Nomia species, male, back, thailand

Nomia species, m, side, thailand

Lasioglossum sensu strictu

Lasioglossum coriaceum, F, Side

Lasioglossum coriaceum, f, head, upper

Lasioglossum coriaceum, F, Back

Nomada affabilis

nomada affabilis, f, back

Nomada affabilis,f,side

Nomada bethunei

nomada bethunei, f, face

nomada bethunei, f, side

Lasioglossum accuminatum

Lasioglossum accuminatum, F, Face

Lasioglossum accuminatum, F, Side

Osmia lignaria

Osmia lignaria

Lasioglossum admirandum

Lasioglossum admirandum, F, Face

Lasioglossum admirandum

Andrena simplex

Andrena simplex, F, Side

Lasioglossum aberrans

Lasioglossum aberrans, F, Side

Lasioglossum aberrans, F, Back

Megachile fullawayi

Megachile fullawayi, back

Fly Golden Baby

Fly Golden Baby, back

Nomada australis

Nomada australis, F, Face

Nomada australis, F, Side

Honey Bee

Honey bee, f, side

Images by USGS Bee Inventory and Monitoring Lab / CC BY 2.0.

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