Living Sculptures: Conceptual Designs that Give Personality to Nondescript Shapes

Michigan-based artist and designer Mike Campau created an intriguing conceptual series intended to push the boundaries of the “visual norm.” His designs breathe human life into nonhuman structures. By adding features like clothing and props, Campau is able to give movement and personality to what are otherwise just wavy, swirling shapes.

When describing the series, Campau states that it is

a conceptual series that was constructed to give human personality and activity to an otherwise nondescript structure. By adding wardrobe, and movement within the clothing, the sculptures instantly take on a personality and tell a story all to their own. By combining studio photography and cgi in a whimsical style and colorful palette… this series is meant to push the visual norm.

Mike Campau 1

Mike Campau 2

Mike Campau 3

Mike Campau 4

Mike Campau 5

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