This Is What It Looks Like When 59 Flights Take Off from LAX at Once [PHOTO]

If you live near a big city, seeing a plane or two flying overhead is probably nothing out of the ordinary for you. But have you ever wondered just how many planes pass you by each day? Los Angeles-based architectural and interiors photographer Mike Kelley spent seven hours camped outside of one of the world’s busiest airports, LAX, wondering just that.

Armed with his camera, Kelley captured every departure from LAX‘s South Complex and a few arrivals at the north complex. Later he layered 75 photographs of mostly larger, international flights into one epic photograph to show just how busy LAX really is. In the composite, the planes appear to take off in one beautiful synchronized motion, as Kelley noted to the Huffington Post:

I thought it was interesting how incredibly accurate and precise every single takeoff was. I didn’t change the angle of the planes in the photo – every plane takes off in exactly the same manner, no matter how big it is. I think that speaks to the technical proficiency of the pilots.

Find more of Kelley’s photos here.

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