The Most Impressive Latte Art You’ll Ever See, Featuring Detailed Faces of Cats [PHOTOS]

If you love cats and coffee, this is the perfect latte art for you. Twitter user @dongurinekobei, based in Japan, shows us that coffee can be more than a drink with her photorealistic cat illustrations formed in the foam of latte.

Using shading techniques, patience and concentration, @dongurinekobei creates latte kittens with intricate details like fur patterns, shadows and highlights, eyes that sparkle and tiny whiskers. The artist’s inspiration for her portraits comes from her six-year-old gray tabby cat Donguri, as well as her foster kittens Mugi and Uutan.

It’s an absolutely amazing type of edible art.



Simon Kelk
Too good to drink, which is good because by the time they finish the art it's cold anyway.
Kenneth DeVries
So amazing that they can do that with the exact same background every time like that. It's almost like they had some kind of automatic latte art generator app that takes a picture and puts it in a picture of a cup. Something like the Photofunia app which strangely enough has this exact background image you can make fake latte art with.
Simon Kelk
Damnit, so not only is it cold coffee, but it ain't real coffee either.
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