10 Beautiful Landscape Reflections that Will Make You Forget Which Way’s Up

Usually when a pretty picture crosses your desktop, you pause to briefly take in its beauty and then you move on. But sometimes when a pretty picture cross your desktop, you pause to take in its beauty, move on–and then you do a double take. This is what the landscape shots of photographer Martin Ollman will do to you.

Based in Canberra, Australia, Ollman celebrates the beauty of reflection and symmetry, where landscapes reflected in water disorient us as we take in his photographs. His vantage points sometimes seem impossible, making us wonder where on earth he rested his camera to take the shots. Are you prepared for some vertigo-inducing photographs?


reflections by martin ollman (techosapien)) on

Scrivener dam bridge

Scrivener dam bridge by martin ollman (techosapien)) on

smokey sunset II

smokey sunset II by martin ollman (techosapien)) on

cloudy with a chance of yuk

cloudy with a chance of yuk by martin ollman (techosapien)) on

all in the books

all the books by martin ollman (techosapien)) on

Bermagui beach, NSW Australia

Bermagui beach, NSW Australia by martin ollman (techosapien)) on

the white knight

the white knight by martin ollman (techosapien)) on

incoming storm

incoming storm by martin ollman (techosapien)) on

war memorial pond

war memorial pond by martin ollman (techosapien)) on

lake sunset

lake sunset by martin ollman (techosapien)) on

Source: Martin Ollman on 500px

Martin Ollman
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