The Slightly Insane Food Photography of Stephanie Gonot

Froot loops in the grass by Stephanie GonotHow often do you think about the food you put in your body? Los Angeles-based photographer and curator Stephanie Gonot certainly thinks about food often. In her food photography Gonot shines new light on the way we think of edibles, using colorful images of food in messed up situations to spur quite a few double takes. If you were presented your milk and cereal in a hole in the ground, would you still eat it? If you saw the elements of your paleo diet laid out on a table before you, would you still dig your eating habits? Gonot will inspire in you these questions and more while you browse her photography.


Ice Cream + Cacti

Ice cream + cacti by Stephanie Gonot


Food Mood for RedMilk Magazine

hotdogs as fingers for RedMilk magazine by Stephanie Gonot


Edibles: Untitled

Hoagie and hairy legs by Stephanie Gonot


Edibles: Untitled

Slims n sno-ballz by Stephanie Gonot


Fad Diets: Untitled

Fad diets paleo by Stephanie Gonot


Fad Diets: Untitled

fad diets cigarettes and coke by Stephanie Gonot


Edibles: Untitled

Burger and fries spray painted white by Stephanie Gonot



sunglesses and apple and candle and eyes by Stephanie Gonot

Find more of Gonot’s work on her website.

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