Impossible Magnets: Souvenir Magnets for Fictional Places We’ve Only Visited in Our Imaginations

When you take a vacation, you often want a souvenir to help remember the places you visited. “Impossible Magnets” is an innovative series of illustrated souvenir magnets featuring fictional places we’ve only visited in our imaginations. The magnets feature destinations from pop culture movies and literature like Mordor from Lord of the Rings, Oz from The Wizard of Oz and the Death Star from Star Wars.

Artist Martín Feijoó created “Impossible Magnets” in collaboration with designer and animator Miguel Sousa, designer Sara Enriquez, and creative studio Snack.

On the series’ Behance page, the creators explain the project:

We all love to travel. And from each new place we visit, we always bring home something to remind us of it. But how can we get a souvenir of a place that we’ve only visited in our imagination? That’s why we created ‘Impossible Magnets,’ a series of magnets inspired by places we have been to only in movies, books, comics, video games, mythology and even cartoons, all with an eye-catching visual identity and the same graphic consistency.

impossible magnets1

impossible magnets2

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