If Tech Companies Made Easter Candy… [COMIC]

In this age of modern technology, we rely heavily on companies like Google, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft for most of the things we use each day. But what if tech companies started making food too? It’s not that ridiculous to think about considering some of the new ventures we see popping up each day like Google’s Glasses and driver-less cars , or Apple’s smart watch or a potential new phone by Facebook. So to celebrate this Easter holiday, the hilarious folks over at The Joy of Tech have come up with some ideas for Easter candy manufactured by some of our favorite tech companies. So whether you’re into nostalgic Yahoo treats that tasted good ten years ago, or Google goodies that quickly melt in your mouth, there is a treat right for everyone! You can even configure your own chocolate iBunny Pro to fulfill any craving!
tech company Easter candy
Happy Easter!

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Sharon Ann Woodard
NAH.. Easter's not all about Candy.
Steve Hall
An Easter SoMe story!
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