How to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Told Through GIFs [PICS]

St.Patrick’s day is a cause for celebration and joy around the world. It’s a holiday solely for the purpose of having a good time while wearing green leprechaun-like costumes and basically getting hammered with your friends. Everyone loves a cold green beer, so make sure you’re celebrating St. Paddy’s day the right way this year, as instructed through these hilarious GIFs!

Find your best green swag to rock

green swagvia iam-a-kitty-cat

For today is St. Patrick’s day and there is much to celebrate!

no snakes in irelandvia cracked

The night is ready to begin…

snookivia GuyCodeBlog

Let everyone know you’ve arrived!

walk into the barvia trustandbelieveitsagoodtime

Are you ready to party?

ready to partyvia saucy-sasha

First get the plan straight…

the planvia pancakekidnapper

Then set it in motion

set it in actionvia GuyCodeBlog

Before long, you all will look like this…

spinning girlvia rafi-d-angelo
tumblr_ma2biqhUPC1rpuj1dvia noyoureoutoforder
tumblr_mesftpssMC1rl07gno1_500via paflavie

Later in the evening the buzzkiller emerges trying to convince you you’ve had enough.

drunk hatervia multitudeofgifs

But you maintain course…

holding your groundvia pancakekidnapper

And plead your case.

sobriety dancevia fiercegifs


But this is what you really feel like walking…

inceptionvia pancakekidnapper

…and doing

green slime

But it’s all good…

all goodvia amandakstoneall

So cheers have a great time!

cheersvia xtreme-overdose

Be safe getting home!

be safevia estoesunafiestadelocos

When you wake up you may feel like this though…

rolling in bedvia omnomanon
breakfastvia whatshouldbetchescallme

In which case, drag yourself back to bed…

polar dragvia clumsystrawberry

Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

st. patrick's dayvia

Joan Stewart
Love if now let's party....
Rex Dow
nice one - happy St. Patty's all
Daniel Zeevi
Thanks you too Rex!
Liz Pullen
Hey, this post was worth it just for the photo of the cat with the little green hat. ; )
Daniel Zeevi
Ha nice green hat yourself :)
Geoffrey Tegjeu
cheers Daniel Zeevi.
Daniel Zeevi
Cheers Geoffrey :)
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